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Under The Sun 


Youthful experiences, wrapped in nostalgia - 'Under The Sun', a song about love, lust and loss. 

Drawing upon his own experiences, Ludman paints images expressing a relationship that once blossomed, now decayed, with neglect. Both parties are at blame, highlighting the petty nature two humans adapt, when the realisation of a failed relationship dawns. 


Locked in with a groove so powerful it could distract the audience of its meaning, the song - a poignant message to lovers to move on and live life; or one to dance and just let go. 


"Wave a white flag, I’ll surrender”: inspired by early images of U2 performing, reinforced at the time by screening of The Peaky Blinders, this image of surrender, a truce, became too irresistible to incorporate into a song. A modern take, twist, and turn, of surrender, occurs through the use of voice notes, sent between these two lovers, that are being held as a bargaining chip. Secrets and intimacy on the line, now these two lovers no longer share these preloved feelings. 


The guitar motif pulsates through the spine of the track, twitching each vertebrate to get up and move, climaxing at the very end when the itch became too unbearable to scratch and get moving. 


The song will become a fan favourite, a connection from song to audience, through their own experiences, one too strong not to show.

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