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about-faces, an emerging indie rock band hailing from Leeds, is composed of Sennen, Joseph, Dani, Cormac, and Nigel. This talented quintet is on the brink of making their mark on the music scene with the highly anticipated release of their debut single.

Sennen, the captivating lead vocalist, injects every lyric with raw emotion and authenticity. Joseph, the drummer, sets a powerful and infectious rhythm that drives the band's sound. Dani, the keyboardist, creates atmospheric layers that add depth and texture to their music. Cormac's dynamic guitar work showcases their unique sonic identity, while Nigel's grooving bass lines provide a solid foundation.

With meticulous craftsmanship, about-faces has poured their hearts and souls into the creation of their debut single. From its catchy melodies to thought-provoking lyrics, this track promises to resonate deeply with listeners, offering a glimpse into the band's artistic vision.

Building a buzz within the local music scene of Leeds, about-faces has garnered attention for their infectious energy and captivating live performances. The release of their debut single marks a significant milestone, propelling them onto a broader stage and capturing the attention of music enthusiasts beyond their hometown.


With their talent and unwavering dedication, about-faces is set to deliver an exceptional debut that will leave a lasting impression on indie rock aficionados. This single serves as a powerful introduction to their unique sound, setting the stage for a bright future filled with anticipation and promise.


Listen to about-faces' debut single here.

"It’s as good a first single as The Last Dinner Party’s - Nothing Matters. Nuff said really” LiveWire

‘Under the Sun’ is a captivating exploration of youthful experiences intertwined with a bittersweet sense of nostalgia. Ludman, drawing upon his own personal journey, masterfully weaves a tale of love, lust, and loss in this mesmerising single. The song delves into a relationship that once blossomed but now lies in decay, plagued by neglect. Ludman skillfully highlights the flaws and petty nature that humans often adopt when confronted with the realisation of a failed connection. Both parties share the blame, adding depth to the narrative and resonating with listeners who have experienced similar struggles. 

Locked in with a groove so powerful that it could distract the audience from its profound meaning, ‘Under The Sun’ delivers a poignant message to lovers: to embrace life and move on. Alternatively, it invites them to dance and let go, offering an escape from the weight of emotional baggage. 

One standout lyric, ‘Wave a white flag, I'll surrender’. finds its roots in Ludman's fascination with early images of U2 performing, further reinforced by his exposure to The Peaky Blinders. The concept of surrender, as a truce or admission of defeat, proved irresistible and found its place within the song. Ludman brings a modern twist to this notion, incorporating voice notes sent between the two lovers as bargaining chips. Secrets and intimate moments hang in the balance, now devoid of the shared affection that once characterized their relationship. 

The vibrant guitar motif takes centre stage, its captivating rhythm embracing the listener's senses. It resonates with invigorating energy, encouraging movement and freedom. As the song reaches its peak, an irresistible urge to dance emerges, inviting listeners to surrender and let loose. 

‘Under the Sun’ is destined to become a fan favourite, forging a deep connection between the song and its audience. Through Ludman's raw and relatable lyrics, listeners will find echoes of their own personal experiences. The emotional intensity of the track is simply too strong to ignore, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who listen.


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